Financing your Commercial Solar PV System

Financing your commercial solar PV system will be one of the first considerations when you or your business looks at investing in solar energy.

Despite benefiting from economies of scale, as the kilowatt size of a solar PV system increases so does the cost. GreenGenUK offer three payment methods to our customers looking to invest in a commercial solar PV system.

1. Outright purchase – the customer funds 100 percent of their commercial solar installation.

GreenGenUK usually operate by offering a three payment scheme.

– 10 percent deposit made on confirmation of order.
– 50 percent pre-payment made three weeks before installation begins. This covers the cost of purchasing the majority of parts for your installation to be undertaken.
– 40 percent final payment made on commissioning of an installation.

2. Finance purchase – customers receive up to 100 percent financing for their system, through one of our pre-approved finance providers. The loan repayments can either be made against the financial benefits of their system (the Feed-in Tariff) or in a similar way to normal loans. The typical repayment period is around six years

3. Power Purchase Agreement – the solar installation is fitted at no cost to the customer. In turn, any renewable energy generated on site is paid for by the customer at a set rate of approximately 5-6 pence per kWh.

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Since opening in 2011, GreenGenUK have installed a large number of commercial solar PV systems for clients throughout Cornwall, Devon and the South West region. As the customers we work alongside change, as do their financing requirements. As a result, here at GreenGenUK we are highly competent and experienced with finding the best funding alternative for each of our customers.

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