This renewable energy project was focused upon increasing the energy efficiency of this large, traditional property while reducing the carbon footprint of the home and lowering the annual running costs.

A 4kW SolarWorld solar PV installation in Breage, Cornwall

Split into two main phases, GreenGenUK recommended installations of solar PV panels to produce free, green solar energy to the property and a biomass boiler to cater for the heating and hot water demand of the property.

Phase 1 – installation of a 4kW SolarWorld solar PV array

The installation of a solar PV array ticked all the boxes for this customer. Not only will their PV array harvest free solar energy from the sunlight that will lower demand grid demand and electricity prices, the customer will also benefit from significant reductions in their carbon emissions and Feed-in Tariff payments for the next 20 years.

System Specification

The solar PV system installed for this customer consisted of:

16 x SolarWorld 250w all-black solar panels
1 x StecaGrid 3600w indoor solar inverter
1 x Renusol on-roof mounting system
1 x Elster/L&G generation metre
1 x Solar iBoost hot water diverter

Estimated System Benefits

In accordance with MCS regulations, GreenGenUK has calculated the system to provide the customer with the following benefits:

– Total annual generation of 3906-kilowatt hours

– Total annual carbon reduction of 2.22 tonnes

The system will provide the following financial benefits:

– Feed-in Tariff generation payments of £520 each year

– Feed-in Tariff export payments of £95 each year

– Electricity savings of £273 each year

As a result of these benefits, this solar PV array will provide the customer with a total annual benefit of £889 and a 20-year lifetime benefit of £17,780.

GreenGenUK estimates this system will repay itself in approximately 7.3 years.

The Feed-in Tariff

The Feed-in Tariff is a scheme set up by the government that was initiated to incentivise the uptake of domestic and commercial solar PV installations.

The Feed-in Tariff, commonly referred to as the FiT or FiT tariff, pays customers in two ways:

1. The Generation Tariff – pays customers for each kilowatt hour of solar electrcitity generated by their PV array for a period of 20 years. The value of these payments will depend on when a customer enters the scheme and the output of their system. Payments are indexed linked and guaranteed for 20 years.

2. The Export Tariff – pays customers for each kilowatt hour of solar electricity generated by their systems that cannot be consumed and is therefore exported to the grid. The Export Tariff is deemed for smaller installations and metred on larger, commercial installs. Due to the deemed nature of the Export Tariff, customers who are able to harvest and utilise a larger percentage of their solar generation will see the largest financial returns from their system.
Solar iBoost
As part of this solar installation, GreenGenUK installed a Solar iBoost for the customer.

The iBoost effectively acts as a hot water switch. This means that when the customer’s PV array is generating electricity that cannot be consumed by running appliances at the point of generation is diverted to heat a hot water tank. This process enables the customer to utilise more of the energy they are generating and reduces the running costs of providing hot water to the property.

More information on the Solar iBoost can be found on their website at

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