Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps

The Ecodan is Mitsubishi’s market-leading range of air source heat pumps.

Available in a variety of different sizes and outputs in order to meet a wide range of applications, the Mitsubishi Ecodan has been developed over many years to provide one of the most advanced and efficient air source heat pumps on the market today. The Mitsubishi Ecodan provides a low carbon, renewable alternative to traditional heating alternatives, catering for 100 percent of space heating and hot water demand.

Why choose the Mitsubishi Ecodan?

Installing or replacing an existing heating system with an air source heat pump provides numerous advantages to the customer, ranging from reduced running costs and government incentives through to significantly lowered carbon emissions.

However, the Mitsubishi Ecodan goes a step further to provide additional benefits to customers making the switch to an air source heat pumps. These benefits include:

Market leading, realistic predictions of performance and efficiency at low temperatures –

Many heat pump manufacturers quote impressive output levels at positive temperatures but struggle to achieve high efficiencies at negative temperatures. However, the Ecodan’s claims of performance at temperatures below zero are both realistic and unrivaled.

Demand for space heating is likely to be at is highest as the outdoor temperature falls. Therefore, it is vitally important that customers considering installing or switching to a heat pump choose a model that can perform when its needed the most.

Salt air protection –

Especially relevant for customers based in Cornwall or the South West, Mitsubishi’s Ecodan units come with salt air protection as standard.

As air source heat pumps are situated externally, salt air protection helps to ensure and enhance the lifespan of a heat pump system, preventing rust and the consequences that could come from such an issue. With Ecodan units available with manufacturer salt air protection, costs of installation are reduced and third party risks are removed.

Quiet Mark Approved

The Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pumps are the quietest heat pump on the market today. In fact, the Ecodan range is the only air source heat pump on the market with the Quiet Mark stamp of approval.

Noise outputs are one of the key concerns for customers looking to switch to air source heating. The Mitsubishi Ecodan’s reputation and status as the quietest heat pump available today is a pivotal selling point to customers.

What Ecodan models are available?

The Mitsubishi Ecodan is designed to suit a wide number of applications, anything from small domestic dwellings through to large-scale commercial installations.

Below are Mitsubishi’s three main Ecodan model ranges. Click the links for further information:

The Ecodan PUHZ – the extensive Ecodan range for domestic applications

The Ecodan QUHZ – the ideal solution for new build properties

The Ecodan CAHV – specifically designed for larger, commercial installations

GreenGenUK and the Mitsubishi Ecodan

GreenGenUK is the leading installer of Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pumps in Cornwall and one of the leading providers in the whole South West.

Our knowledge and experience of working with Ecodan heat pumps has led us to becoming accredited with Mitsubishi Business Solutions Partner status – one of just a handful of installers in the South West with such status. As a result of our BSP status and experience with Mitsubishi products, we can offer several extra benefits to our customers.

Extended 7-year Warranty

Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pumps come with a five-year warranty as standard. Thanks to our BSP status with Mitsubishi, we are able to offer all our customers an extended seven-year warranty.

This extended warranty virtually ensures customers’ installations are covered until their system has reached cost-neutrality.

Spares and Repairs

GreenGen’s BSP status enables us to order and attain parts and spares quicker than other installers. As a result, should a technical issue arise with one of our installations that requires replacement parts, we can have the issues resolved as quickly as possible with the least disruption to the customer as possible.

Plumbing and Electrical background

Our renewable heating technicians all come from plumbing and electrical backgrounds, meaning we can carry out as much, or as little, of a project as our customers require. Whereas some renewable installers simply supply and commission the renewable technology, GreenGenUK can handle a whole heating system installation or upgrade. We can size and specify radiators, install underfloor heating, commission renewable technologies and even plumb and wire a whole house.

GreenGenUK’s versatility and ability to handle whole projects in one place makes us a chosen installer by many developers, new build projects and renewable installs alike.

What to find out more about the Mitsubishi Ecodan?

Are you looking to install an air source heat pump in your property? Are you a developer looking to install a heat pump at your new build project? Maybe you just want some more information on the benefits of a heat pump installation.

GreenGenUK can help.

Whether you’re looking for a proposal, specifications or just information and advice, we are happy to help. With a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable renewable installers around, we understand customers queries come in all different shapes and sizes and knowledge and understanding of renewable systems vary with each individual.

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Alternatively, visit Mitsubishi’s website to read more on the technical specifications of their Ecodan units.