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5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Install – renewable heating installation in Redruth

A 5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan install near Redruth, Cornwall

This 5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan install replaced the home’s traditional stove heating system. As a result, how the customer heats their home has been completely modernised.

Having previously installed a Mitsubishi air source heat pump through GreenGenUK at another address, the customer was keen to swap this property to renewable heating.

Concerned by the manual loading and upkeep of their archaic heating system, the air source heat pump now provides complete control of the home’s central heating.

This 5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan Install

One of the smallest heat pumps in the range, this 5kW Mitsubishi Ecdoan install provides 100% of the home’s heating and hot water demand.

The installation connected to the existing central heating system and consists of the following:

– 1 x 5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump (PUHZ-W50VHA)

– 1 x 210-litre Mitsubishi specialist heat pump cylinder & FTC5 controller

Benefits of this Renewable Heating Installation

As a result of upgrading their home to renewable heating provides a number of benefits to the home and to the customer.

+ Greater heating control

The Mitsubishi Ecodan can be completely self-controlling. As a result, user input is reduced or eliminated completely. Thermostatically controlled, the heat pump measures external temperatures to keep the internal temperature constant. Homes heated by an air source heat pump should never feel too hot or too cold.

+ Renewable Heat Incentive

As both Mitsubishi and GreenGenUK are MCS-approved, this 5kw Ecodan is eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive subsidy.

Because of the efficiency of this heat pump and the property’s demand, this customer will earn approximately £950-a-year. Over the 7-year RHI tariff lifespan, the customer will earn around £7,000.

Find further information on the RHI subsidy by clicking here.

+ Carbon Saving

By replacing their fossil fuel use with friendly heat from an air source heat pump, the home’s carbon footprint has been reduced.

GreenGenUK estimates this heat pump will provide an annual carbon saving in excess of 3 tonnes.

+ Running Cost Saving

In addition to the RHI and carbon saving, swapping to air source will see a reduction in the home’s heating bills.

GreenGenUK has estimated this heat pump will provide the customer’s heating demand for under £600. This is an expected saving of £275 over their previous system.

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